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Fwd: Weep with us

Michael Cameron is a Mob list member. You may have met his daughter
Ora at past summer parties. 


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Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 07:09:23 -0500
From: [email protected]
Subject: Weep  with us

Dearest family and friends, 

Michael just called 6:26 am EST. Ora passed this 
morning at 6:07. She was surrounded by many family and 
friends. There was no turmoil around her. Michael said 
it was a beautiful passing. He then asked me to "tell 
the world that now you may cry with us." Thank you 
again for all of the love and support and prayers over 
the past weeks, months, and years. The world has lost 
one beautiful child, but we are all the better for 
having known her. 

God Bless You All, 


PS I don't trust my mail system right now on mass 
mailings; I hope that the previous e-mail did go out 
last night. 

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:32:37 -0600 
To: mica < 
From: Janet Bradshaw < 
Subject: The Latest Cc: 

Dear friends, 

Michael just called (10:00 EST). He said that Ora's 
blood pressure began to dip about 7:40. This may be 
it. There were a few folks there when it began, but 
through the evening more and more have shown up. There 
are 30 or 40 folks there with them now on both sides. 
Michael asked for your continued prayers for "what is 
best". I will send out another message after I hear 
back from Michael tonight. 


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