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Re: Fwd: Old Bush Joke in Brow-Beat

It is in extremely poor taste as it implies that Goyim are.....generally not intelligent -Which I find
offensive as I am not Jewish..  But, I am a Mensan...

Mensan? Well, it was a full moon last night. Shouldn't "a Mensan" be hyphenated , i.e., "Froggy went a-Mensan and he did ride/Mmm-hmmm..."

The obvious assumption that Jews are more intelligent than others
is absurd and fostering such a notion only creates acrimony and separates us on the basis of nationality and religion. Not a very good end product for someone who is supposed to be intelligent (you).

The last sentence is a fragment.

I perceive you as an obnoxious ingrate who needs better manners.

Should read "I perceive you to be an obnoxious..."

Not respecting our President ( Who currently has the highest acceptance rating of any president) is self defeating

Should read "self-defeating".

for you as a citizen of this great republic and disrespectful to the office.
I felt shame for you when I read the joke. I feel shame that Mensa has such morons in its ranks.

Now, I'm sure you are not as nit-witty as I perceive you to be on the basis of one bad attempt

"Nit-witty", I will begrudge him only if he thinks it's a pun. "Perceive you to be..."; NOW he get's it right.

at some light humor. Please try to be a bit more sensitive and positive. There are many fine jokes
that do not depend on putting someone down that will draw a laugh.

The last sentence is poor grammar. I suggest, "There are many fine jokes that do not depend on putting down someone for a laugh." By the way, did you hear the one about the guy at Mensa who...", oh, never mind.

Particularly, not our fine president.

"In particular, not..." would be better, although this is a sentence fragment.

Are we quite certain this fellow joined the same Mensa I am familiar with, or is there another one that has no proofreaders or editors?

Give me some Mensa who are stouthearted Mensa (and I apologize for any grammatical lapses),
Brian Phillips