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Hatt, Hatt-Baby!

Yo(o-hoo).  Check this out.  My home-skillet Azir Habib has dropped it as if it were hot in this shockwave/flash video, which is, arguably three times dope; one would even venture that it is stupid.

So that all may peep what is going down, my domicileboy from the big S.W.E.(den) quite a long time ago dropped this bit of knowledge:

"It is about a party thing. It involves a hat, When the choir song 
starts, the oldest one at the party gives the hat to the most drunk 
one, and he dances into the dancing crowd while all yell -The Drunk 
Hat! to him. The drunk one sings -The Hat Is Mine!"

The video can be found at http://user.tninet.se/~prv247p/hatt/ 

My favorite part is when my central man in the Buddy Holly glasses gets closer and closer and closer...

It is irrevocably off of the chain.

Peace Exuent,
Brian "Original Generation East Coast Bullyragger" Phillips