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Re: Juno goes crazy

So basically, this means that Juno can force you to run d.net, SETI@Home, 
protein folding, or any other distributed computing project, and if you
hit the jackpot and cure cancer in your spare time, Juno gets the big
check and you probably get a free month of service or other compensation
solely at Juno's discretion.  And no, Juno won't compensate you if you 
don't unplug your computer during an electrical storm.  Cute.

I wonder if you're responsible for any criminal acts resulting from your
spare proc cycles.  Maybe you're decrypting credit card numbers.  Or
MSN's customer database.  Or giving China the last piece of info they
need to make sure the next missile HITS Japan...  In short, you have no
idea what your computer is doing while you're not making demands of it,
and you have no choice in the matter as long as you want to continue using
Juno.  The fact that Juno came up with this language first and not 
Microsoft is the amazing bit.


At 01:13 PM 02/03/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Their new terms of service agremeent is nuts.
>http://help.juno.com/privacy/agreement.html , see section