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GEEKS: By popular demand, a new list

When this list was first setup, it was unmoderated.
Unfortunately the traffic on the list quickly increased
to the point where many people started unsubscribing.
I then setup the list as a moderated, high-content
list, which is what it is today.

Quite a few people wanted an unmoderated geek mailing
list. To this day (it'd been over two years since I
moderated this list) I still get emails from people
bugging me to set up an unmoderated list.


GEEKTALK is born. It's an unmoderated mailing list.
To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@shorty.com
containing 'subscribe geektalk' in the body of 
your message.

This list (GEEKS) will still be here, and it'll still
be moderated. 

Have fun!


Robbie Honerkamp