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RE: DATACENTER: transport optical vs. cabinet?

What's always a big argument against this is dust. I don't put ANYTHING on
the floor, that's what racks are for. The only thing that should be near the
floor are the UPS's with nice fat bullet-proof connectors and hardware.
Also, it's amazing what size 9 climbing shoes (or rack carts, or
hand-trucks) will do to a patch cord connector.

Hopefully, the idiot that kicks a 240VAC power cord does so hard enough that
they catch the 240VAC through their big toe <grin>.

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> Anyone have a comment on:
> I have always been partial to placing network transport i.e.
> carriers optical gear <oc48 mux> in the caged off network and
> transport
> area of a facility. An idea that has been floated is to place them
> in cabinets on the floor.
> My args against: Cross connecting service is a pain in the ass since
> you have to access cabinets, etc. Transport gear is insecure on the
> colocation floor...
> Does anyone place transport outside of the companies locked area?
> I've really never heard of this before....
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