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Re: [datacenter] New to list

On Sun, Mar 31, 2002 at 01:36:33PM -0800, Bill Woodcock wrote:
> Last I knew, RJ-21 connectors weren't sufficiently shielded from internal
> crosstalk to get Cat-5 certification, much less anything higher.  I don't
> know that I'd want to put in new infrastructure now that wasn't going to
> pass gigabit traffic.  I've already got a fair bit of gig-over-copper, and
> it's working well, but it's on good quality four-pairs, not 50-pairs.

there are cat5 rj-21 connectors. they're keyed differently than
cat3 rj-21s.

gigE is a different story, but it will probably be a while before
we see blases w/ 48 gigE ports on 'em.

I've run gigE over 25pr cables that were part of a structured
wiring system. 


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