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Re: [datacenter] New to list

    > Wow, I've never even considered this.  The RJ-21 connectors are extremely
    > reliable and I've never had an issue with them "losing a pair", this is
    > in dealing with hundreds of them in PBX work, etc.  I would say that they
    > are far more reliable than your typical modular plug RJ-11 with regular
    > phone cordage.

Uh, maybe...  I've certainly had bad 50-pair cables.

Last I knew, RJ-21 connectors weren't sufficiently shielded from internal
crosstalk to get Cat-5 certification, much less anything higher.  I don't
know that I'd want to put in new infrastructure now that wasn't going to
pass gigabit traffic.  I've already got a fair bit of gig-over-copper, and
it's working well, but it's on good quality four-pairs, not 50-pairs.


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