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RE: [datacenter] Generators

If you find this, can you also copy me?

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|> On Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:15:23 -0500  [email protected] wrote:
|> > Your local gas supplier should be able to provide you with 
|> their track
|> > record for maintaining a steady fuel supply to your area.  Usually
|> > shutdowns of a natural gas system are very rare, and in many cases
|> > utilities have no histories of having to do so.  For cases where it
|> > has been shut down, you need to evaluate the reason.  Many times it
|> > has not been simultaneous with a power outage...and a simultaneous
|> > power and gas outage is the required set of events required to take
|> > you down, and such events also must be longer in duration than your
|> > battery run time and at the same time not impact other requisite
|> > systems.  Simulating the scenario with a state-space diagram is
|> > helpful to quantify the risk.  Don't just go with a hunch 
|> or heresay,
|> > it's a calculatable risk.
|> I have fallen on to planet Data Center world from a distributed
|> computing world.  Anyone have any pointers to a mathematical tutorial
|> on "space-state" diagrams for risk assessment?  I am looking for
|> something pitched towards an audience with a good basic foundation in
|> computer science oriented math.
|> thank you,
|> fletcher
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