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Re: [datacenter] rack hole spacing?

    > I've had a sneaking suspicion that my rack enclosure's hole
    > spacing wasn't standard.  Just to clear up confusion (or cause
    > more), I'm talking about the holes in the posts which one uses
    > to secure the front (for two-post equipment) and back (for four
    > post equipment) and/or racking rails.
    > Today I pulled out a ruler and confirmed it.  Unfortunately,
    > all I had on hand was an ... architect's ruler without units.
    > [aside:  who would design a ruler without units?!  who would
    >  buy one?!]
    > So I can't give the actual measurements, but measuring from
    > the center of a hole to the center of the next hole, the
    > measurements alternate: wide narrow wide narrow.

Should be wide-wide-narrow, wide-wide-narrow, etc.  Groups of three,
spaced 1.75" on-center.


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