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Re: [datacenter] AC settings

Oh! Last thing. A lot of HVAC's don't want to be set at 68^F.
They freeze the coils. This is true with Lieberts.



Martin Hannigan			[email protected]
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On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 [email protected] wrote:

> We have a new datacenter with dual split-system air conditioners
> installed. The first is set for 72f and the second for 74f as a backup.
> The ductwork blows air down over open racks (no raised floor or cabinets
> here). What do other people choose for temperatures in datacenters? I know
> from past experience that certain pieces of equipment (hard drives for
> example) become ever so slightly less reliable if they are run in 80+
> indoor temperature all the time.
> We caged off particular areas of the building for physical security
> instead of using cabinets. We got a great deal on 19" racks from a well
> known failed dotcommer datacenter here in New England.
> Also, some time ago, I asked questions about experiences with Cummins/Onan
> diesel generators and received good responses. I went ahead and had one
> installed. We've had a 35KW 3-phase Cummins/Onan diesel now for a while
> and are quite happy with it. We went with all the options like the coolant
> heater, auto transfer switch with excerciser and battery charger, external
> fuel tank, etc...
> Jason Philbrook
> Midcoast Internet Solutions
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