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[datacenter] AC settings

We have a new datacenter with dual split-system air conditioners
installed. The first is set for 72f and the second for 74f as a backup.
The ductwork blows air down over open racks (no raised floor or cabinets
here). What do other people choose for temperatures in datacenters? I know
from past experience that certain pieces of equipment (hard drives for
example) become ever so slightly less reliable if they are run in 80+
indoor temperature all the time.

We caged off particular areas of the building for physical security
instead of using cabinets. We got a great deal on 19" racks from a well
known failed dotcommer datacenter here in New England.

Also, some time ago, I asked questions about experiences with Cummins/Onan
diesel generators and received good responses. I went ahead and had one
installed. We've had a 35KW 3-phase Cummins/Onan diesel now for a while
and are quite happy with it. We went with all the options like the coolant 
heater, auto transfer switch with excerciser and battery charger, external 
fuel tank, etc...

Jason Philbrook
Midcoast Internet Solutions

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