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Re: [datacenter] wire management for Cisco switch

At 08:29 AM 4/23/2002 -0500, Day, David wrote:

Has anyone seen, or solved wire management on the face of the Cisco 6509 switches? I recently asked this and was reminded of the RJ-21 connector. We have opted to stay with the standard 48 port RJ45 line cards. I was curious if there is a product that would replace the blank filler on the 6509 with a horizontal wire management filler?

We just had the 21x discussion. I've used them, but I wouldn't anymore.

As far as cable management on the face, you can buy a "towel bar" that
extends 6" or 8" inches off the face of the gear and run your cables
out to it.

I typically take the left 24 and route them left, and the right 24 and route them right, creating a nice split in the middle and evently distributing it to the cable management
on both sides of the rack, typically 4".

MetalTech has the "towel bar", but I'm sure all the others do as well.

Carefully think about size and placement as you want to be sure you
can still remove boards or power supplies if need be without dissasembling
rack hardware in an emergency.


Thanks in advance



Martin Hannigan                    [email protected]

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