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[datacenter] Measuring temperature


Simple question first: What is the typical temperature of the motherboard in your 1U/2U Intel or Sun servers that are housed in a well-run data center?

This leads to some more detailed questions: When people say the "ideal" temperature for a data center environment is 74F (or something like that), where is this temperature being measured? This is probably easier for a non-raised floor facility. Saying the room temperature is 74F, does it imply that the air entering the chassis of the typical Intel server from its front is 74F? And that the motherboard temperature shouldn't be that much higher than 74F?

What about a raised floor facility where air is forced up into the cabinet and the front cabinet door is solid? In theory, the cold air is forced upward in the front of the cabinet, enters the front of chassis, and then exit through the fans in the back, and rise up where it's taken out of the cabinet by additional fans. Sounds good in theory. Where should we measure the temperature here since room temperature doesn't reflect the condition inside the cabinet.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Patrick Lee

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