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RE: [datacenter] Mobile Datacenter

Also, something simlar would be the Rohn shelters like you see at cell

Very robust...


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Companies like Sungard and a few others have these types of custom rig,
probably a lot more economical for you because you get it when you
need...assuming there are no major disasters during your move...although
I think personally having a mobile datacenter as an alternate site is
probably going to be not worth it and will require a lot more
maintenance with a higher degree of failure-probability than just having
a hot site located more than 300 miles a way or so...of course I don't
know your situation..


Also, AT&T Network Recovery has a lot of these trucks, I've seen them
setup in a simulation before...you could contact them (if you can find
contact info) and ask who produced these rigs for them. Whoever does
touring trailers and blood mobile trailers probably..


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On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 04:10:24PM -0800, Dale Schermerhorn wrote:
> All,
> I have enjoyed this list for the last year. Now it's my turn to ask a
> question.  My company is working on a "disaster recovery plan".  They 
> are going to do an alternate datacenter for our company.  They want to

> use a "construction" type trailer.  One reason for doing this is that
> we might be outgrowing that facility we currently lease and do not 
> want to make any modifications to the building that have to be removed

> when we move.  They want to install everything an get it operational
> and then transport it to our remote facility that is 1500 miles away.

> It will  only need to house about 6 racks of equipment and they are
> looking at a 10'x28' trailer.  They want to partition off a section to

> house the UPS and A/C.  Has this been done before or are there
> companies that specialize in this.  Our IT guys really don't know what

> they are doing when it comes to this.  Any help will be greatly
> appreciated.

You might want to look at companies that outfit trucks/trailers for
remote TV production.


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