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Re: [datacenter] Mobile Datacenter

>I have enjoyed this list for the last year. Now it's my turn to ask a
>question.  My company is working on a "disaster recovery plan".  They are
>going to do an alternate datacenter for our company.  They want to use a
>"construction" type trailer.  One reason for doing this is that we might be
>outgrowing that facility we currently lease and do not want to make any
>modifications to the building that have to be removed when we move.  They
>want to install everything an get it operational and then transport it to
>our remote facility that is 1500 miles away.  It will  only need to house
>about 6 racks of equipment and they are looking at a 10'x28' trailer.  They
>want to partition off a section to house the UPS and A/C.  Has this been
>done before or are there companies that specialize in this.  Our IT guys
>really don't know what they are doing when it comes to this.  Any help will
>be greatly appreciated.

Use a customized Intermodal Container, not a construction trailer.
Intermodals are a lot easier to transport long distances, more robust,
and there are several vendors who provide customization services,
including off the shelf generator integration, HVAC integration,
doors, etc.

The only caveat is that if you're going to pre-mount racks and
systems and such, you should vibration / shock isolate the racks.
This is no big deal... any competent Mech Eng can do this easily
given the rack weights and the McMaster-Carr or Grainger catalogs...
but you *do* need to design that system in rather than half-assed
try and stick it in later.

I haven't used them, but the best info suggests the first place to look
is at:

-george william herbert
[email protected]

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