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[safnog] Fwd: [afnog] Internet Engineers in Zimbabwe needed


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From: bob evans <bob at fiberinternetcenter.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019, 03:38
Subject: [afnog] Internet Engineers in Zimbabwe needed
To: <afnog at afnog.org>

Hello from Silicon Valley California,

Looking for some Internet Engineers in Zimbabwe for a large education

We will be looking to hire consultants on an as needed basis. This
relationship can possibly last several years as we need eyes, hands and
brains on the ground there after we return to California.

There will be a meeting in Harare Zimbabwe - I project about 30 days from

If you are interested please send me your Resume or linked in URL and I
will get back to you promptly.

Bob Evans
bob at FiberInternetCenter.com

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