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[safnog] [afnog] Register Now for AFRINIC's IPv6 Deployathon in Johannesburg, South Africa (23-26 July 2019)

Dear All,

AFRINIC invites you to register for its IPv6 deployathon session for
2019 taking place from 23 and 26 July in Johannesburg, South Africa in
collaboration with Workonline communications.

Unlike a normal workshop, a deployathon is 100% focused on
implementation through prototyping, building and validation. At the end
of the session, through expert guidance, participants will have moved
their networks one clearly measurable step forward in IPv6 deployment.

Because of its heavy implementation focus, admission requirements are
very strict. Only network and systems engineers who run networks are
eligible. Thus if you want to join a tribe of like-minded engineers who
want to actually deploy rather than talk about IPv6, then request an
invitation at: https://vox.afrinic.net/53357?lang=en

The seats are limited to 34 participants, so please register as soon as


AFRINIC Capacity building department
t: +230 403 51 00 | f: +230 466 6758 | tt: @afrinic | w: www.afrinic.net