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[safnog] New BGP training content available from NSRC

The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) created a new set of
instructional videos on Internet routing and utilization of the Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP) entitled, "BGP for All."

The technical education videos include configuration examples, links to
reference materials, and a series of self-evaluation questions to test
comprehension. The videos may also be valuable for computer science
departments to use as supplemental material for networking courses
offered as part of the curricula. For more information, see:


Thank you to the many members of the Internet community who contributed
to the course content, and to everyone who helped with the production of
the video series. Special thanks to Dr. Philip Smith.

Questions, suggestions, comments about this initiative can be sent to
the email learn at nsrc.org.

	- Hervey Allen

Hervey Allen      Assistant Director, Network Startup Resource Center
hervey at nsrc.org   http://nsrc.org/ : http://facebook.com/nsrc.org
GPG Fingerprint:  AC08 31CB E453 6C65 2AB3 4EDB CEEB 5A74 C6E5 624F