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[safnog] Discriminatory remarks on the livestream of SAFNOG

> On 06 Sep 2017, at 09:41, kangazab at douanes.cd wrote:
> Dear All,
> While writing on SAFNOG's livestream chat that the presentations are not translated into French

hello christophe,

thank you for your comments.  my apologies for the delayed response;  i?m guessing you can imagine that we were all otherwise busy, running a very successful SAFNOG-3 event, and then participating in some of the other activities that went on around the same time, last week.

SAFNOG-3 had 1,009 *unique* viewers spanning the globe.  for the interest of the list, i?ve included some data that highlights where we had viewers from.  in viewing these statistics, consider that we are, in no way, positioned to cater for the vernacular of all the listeners.  so, to keep costs down, and the meeting organisation simple, and to allow us to focus on the task of building a solid agenda, and a good meeting, we opted to run the live stream in english.

we?re still a young organisation, with a small team of volunteers;  so, if you?re willing to help invest some time, energy, or funds towards helping to make SAFNOG available in another language, please feel free to write to me, or the rest of the management team, directly.  as mark said, during the closing remarks, we?d certainly welcome the assistance from the community to help grow safnog.

(writing for the SAFNOG management team)

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