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[safnog] OSPF vs ISIS - Which do you prefer & why?

On 1/Sep/16 16:06, Dany Hearne wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> From my experience working with service providers many engineers seem
> more comfortable with OSPF, whether this is due to experience or just
> as a result of training.
> I love both protocols but as Johnny said - it is probably best to use
> the one your engineering team understands best.

We use OSPF on Anycast servers (DNS, TACACS+, NTP, e.t.c.), because
IS-IS implementation in Quagga/Zebra is very poor. But then we inject
that into IS-IS and it's all good.

For the rest of the backbone, IS-IS all the way.

But to be fair, use what you're happy with.

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