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[safnog] SAFNOG-1: Thank You All

Thanks Mark.

Typed from a small handheld device. Please excuse brevity and typos.
On 27 May 2014 09:23, "Mark Tinka" <mark.tinka at seacom.mu> wrote:

> Hello all.
> It has been one month since the first ever SAFNOG meeting
> was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.
> We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for
> your support, and taking the time out of your busy schedules
> to attend this inaugural meeting.
> Please note that all presentations and videos are now
> available on the web site for you to freely download and
> review:
>         http://www.safnog.org/meetings-past/2014/index.html
> Just some basic information about the SAFNOG-1 meeting:
>         Total registered participants: 190
>         Peak attendance:               142
>         Speakers:                       25
> For those who attended the meeting and completed the survey,
> as we promised in Johannesburg, there will be a lucky draw
> that will see SAFNOG supporting one participant's full
> travel and accommodation fellowship to SAFNOG-2. The name of
> this lucky participant will be announced on the SAFNOG
> mailing list only, so kindly ensure you are subscribed to
> it.
> As announced in Johannesburg, SAFNOG-2 will be held in
> Mbabane, Swaziland, on 30th - 31st March, 2015. Our host for
> SAFNOG-2 is Real Image Internet.
> Details about SAFNOG-2 will be provided later on in the
> course of 2014.
> We look forward to seeing you all in Mbabane in 2015, and
> once again, we thank you very much for all your support of
> Cheers,
> Mark Tinka
> On Behalf of the SAFNOG Management Committee
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