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[safnog] SAFNOG-1: Only Four (4) Slots Left In The Program

Hello all.

The SAFNOG-1 agenda is quickly filling up with very high
quality content, and only has four (4) slots left 

If you would like to present a paper at SAFNOG-1, please
submit your talk as soon as possible.

The program has shaped up nicely to include topics such

        - IPv6
        - IPv6-only to IPv4-only translations
        - Data centres in Africa
        - Data centre transport overlays and bridging
        - Exchange points and peering
        - MPLS forwarding.
        - BGP routing.
        - Submarine cables
        - Research & Education networking

You can find the current agenda here:


In case you haven't yet registered to attend SAFNOG-1, please
do so at your earliest opportunity, at the link below:


Travel information for international participants coming
to SAFNOG-1 will soon be made available as well.

Mark Tinka
On Behalf of the SAFNOG Management Committee