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[safnog] SAFNOG-1: Registration Now Open!

Hello all.

Kindly be advised that the registration for SAFNOG-1 is now 

You may register online here:


As you will notice, you have the option to either pay for 
your registration online using major credit/debit cards, or 
register with the option to pay on arrival in Johannesburg. 
Please choose the option that best suites you.

We shall soon be posting additional travel information for 
Johannesburg, so you are well prepared ahead of your arrival 
for the conference.

For any registration queries, please e-mail:

	registrations at safnog.org

For any logistical queries, please e-mail:

	secretariat at safnog.org

In order for you to plan, we shall provide a summary of 
registered participants on our web site so that you can 
manage your networking opportunities ahead of your arrival 
for the conference.

We look forward to seeing you all in Johannesburg. Thanks.


Mark Tinka
On Behalf of the SAFNOG Management Committee