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[safnog] Fwd: Operators and the IETF Survey - closing 30th June 2014

if you haven't yet done this (was discussed by the floor during the april meeting)

> From: Kevin Chege <chege at isoc.org>
> Subject: FW: Operators and the IETF Survey - closing 30th June 2014
> Date: 18 June 2014 at 10:41:49 AM SAST
> Apologies for cross posting:
> -----------------
> The Internet Society "Operators and the IETF" survey
> <https://internetsociety2.wufoo.com/forms/operators-and-the-ietf/>
> has now been open for several months and we are happy to say that we have gathered
> an impressive amount of feedback.
> We would first like to thank everyone who has completed the survey! We
> appreciate your valuable insight!
> At the same time we need to ask those operators who have not yet responded
> to take few minutes and tell us through the survey your ideas and
> thoughts, your burdens, issues, fears, and frustrations. Anything holding
> you back from actively (or more actively) participating in IETF process.
> Even if you?ve never participated in the IETF at all, we need to hear from
> as many network operators as possible!
> We plan to close the survey on 30th of June. Once the survey closes we
> will work diligently to synthesize everyone?s input. The result of our
> synthesis will be an IETF Internet-Draft. Our ?Operators and the IETF? I-D
> will describe the results of the survey, the reasons and issues that are
> keeping network operators from fully engaging in the IETF. The I-D will
> also provide the suggestions we?ve heard from network operators on how to
> start removing these barriers and get more participation and feedback from
> the global network engineering community back into the IETF
> standardization process.
> So, please, this is our last call ? take the survey and please also spread
> the link to your fellow network operators, in your NOG, on social media,
> or wherever! The short link to send around is: http://bit.ly/opsietfsurvey
> <http://bit.ly/opsietfsurvey>
> Thank you very much for your cooperation and participation!

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