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Google peering pains in Dallas

Why isn't there a well-known anycast ping address similar to
CloudFlare/Google/Level 3 DNS, or sorta like the NTP project?
Get someone to carve out some well-known IP and allow every ISP on the
planet to add that IP to a router or BSD box somewhere on their network?
Allow product manufacturers to test connectivity by sending pings to it.
It would survive IoT manufacturers going out of business.
Maybe even a second well-known IP that is just a very small webserver that
responds with {'status': 'ok'} for testing if there's HTTP/HTTPS


On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 10:10 AM William Allen Simpson <
william.allen.simpson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 4/29/20 8:53 PM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> > I suppose it's time for a more public:
> >    "Hey, when you want to test a service, please take the time to test
> > that service on it's service port/protocol"
> >
> > Testing; "Is the internet up?"
> > by pinging a DNS server, is ... not great ;(
> > I get that telling 'joe/jane random user' this is hard/painful/ugh...
> > :( (haha, also look at cisco meraki devices!! "cant ping google dns,
> > internet is down")
> >
> > Sorry :(
> >
> Just as an anecdote: once upon a time I had a television that began
> reporting it couldn't work anymore, because the Internet was down.
> After resorting to packet tracing, discovered that it was pinging
> (IIRC) speedtest.napster.com to decide.  Napster had gone belly-up.
> Fortunately, it had a 2 year warranty, took it back to Best Buy
> with about a month to go.
> Now think about the hundreds of thousands of customers who didn't
> know how to diagnose the issue, or the warranty had expired, and
> had to buy a new smart TV?
> Tried to get the FTC interested, no joy.  Congress made noises
> about passing a law requiring software updates (especially for
> security issues), but still nothing on that either.
> Besides, what are we going to do after Google goes belly-up? ;)
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