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Abuse Desks

I think we all agree with this. The requl question is...how do we build such a thing? The abuse process we have clearly
doesn't work. Maybe its the fault of the Big Providers (AWS/GCP/OVH/etc) who don't invest enough to have a robust
abuse-processing system to actually deal with reports, maybe its because people are too liberal with automated reports,
maybe its because we don't have a common abuse report format.

Either way, one thing I don't think we can deny is that the abuse system today is very, very broken. Abuse reports to
the biggest offenders (ie Big Providers, mostly) get ignored and abuse is not dealt with.


On 4/29/20 1:42 PM, Mike Hammett wrote:
> As long as there are things that must be available to the general public (likely forever), there needs to be an abuse
> reporting process that works.