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Abuse Desks

On Tue, 28 Apr 2020, Matt Corallo wrote:
> Sadly dumb kids are plentiful. If you have to nag an abuse desk every 
> time they sell a server to a kid whoâ??s experimenting with nmap for the 
> first time then.... weâ??ll end up exactly where we are - abuse contacts 
> are not a reliable way to get in touch with anyone, and definitely not a 
> reliable way to do so fast or with any reasonably large network. Please 
> donâ??t clog the otherwise-useful system.

compromised servers on your infrastructure hosting nigerian criminals look 
much the same as a script kiddie experimenting with nmap.

> If you have trouble sleeping at night, Iâ??d recommend the â??PasswordAuthentication noâ?? option in sshd_config.

you either care about reports of potentially compromised hosts on your 
infrastructure or you don't.