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Applications of MPLS in the metro area

For the ISP and Carrier Ethernet network I run, I use MPLS for various things.


It provides wonderful segmentation of different communities (customers and uses).


I use MPLS ELINE (p2p) extensively for Cellular Backhaul


I use MPLS ELAN (mp2mp) in various places for emulating LANâ??s over long distance


I use MPLS L3VPN for various thingsâ?¦

-        Containing customer public internet routing

-        Containing customer cgnat private side

-        6VPE for getting IPv6 across my ipv4-only core





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Subject: Applications of MPLS in the metro area


Hello !


I'm looking for what a network operator would consider a realistic reference deployment of MPLS within the metro area network. 


By "realistic reference", I'm asking about what a network operator would consider to be a typical, perhaps most common, application of MPLS technology.


>From a bookish perspective, I understand MPLS well but have never implemented it in the scope of my current field of study (metro area networks). I would dearly like to get this "grounded" perspective from anyone who might care to share it.








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