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mail admins?

On 4/23/20 4:13 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:
> --- mike at mtcc.com wrote:
> From: Michael Thomas <mike at mtcc.com>
> I'm not sure why the admins of nanog's site should
> particularly care about appeasing the js tinfoil hat
> set. i mean, computers computing! who will stop this
> madness!
> ---------------------------------------------
> Not the tin foil hat crowd, security.  Computers be
> computing with or without security.  Many turn off JS.
> Especially in this crowd.  The only time I wanted to
> use the site anyway was to find a thread as I can't
> seem to find them well in search engines.  For example,
> what was the thread about SOHO firewalls and pfsense
> not too long ago?  I can't remember what everyone was
> saying about a pfsense replacement as pfsense is no
> longer what it was.  I am having to greenfield my home
> network and want to find a nerdable "dual WAN' firewall.
> That's off topic, though, as it's just a home network
> question.
Unless your $DAYJOB consists solely of not using browsers whatsoever, 
you cannot function without javascript.

Ironically it seems that the way to disable javascript is to install a 
browser extension. which is both javascript and outside the browser 
sandbox. *those* i fear.