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mail admins?

On 4/21/20 7:46 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:
> --- mike at mtcc.com wrote:
> From: Michael Thomas <mike at mtcc.com>
> To: nanog at nanog.org
> Subject: Re: mail admins?
> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 17:34:36 -0700
> On 4/21/20 5:19 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:
>>> I think you just need to let scripts run in your browser for
>>> nanog.org.
>> sad.  http://nanog.org used to be the brilliant example of a fully
>> featured web site sans javascript, flash, ...
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> I'm not one to plus-one anything, but this should be plus-infinity.
>> I whined about it a year or so ago.  Crickets.  I gave up on doing
>> anything on the web site because I can't get anything to work
>> unless I make my computer less secure.  Sad trend.  More flash and
>> trash marketing crap and less network engineering acumen.  Like
>> configuring routers from a web browser, rather than a CLI...
> this ship left port in the 90's. you might as well be an old man yelling
> at clouds. oh wait, randy does kind of resemble grandpa simpson :)
> ----------------------------------------------
> So I should just get used to configuring routers with HTTP and
> Notepad and forget about that nasty, old, 20th century vi crap? :)

No, but complaining about javascript on websites is about as relevant 
today as complaining that the horsepoop pushers union is lacking 
relevance. javascript is a hell of a lot safer than downloading native 
apps on your phone, for example. and don't get me started on OAUTH being 
used for native apps...