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"Is BGP safe yet?" test

On 2020-04-20 19:24, Tom Beecher wrote:
> Technical people need to make the business case to management for RKPI
> by laying out what it would cost to implement (equipment, resources,
> ongoing opex), and what the savings are to the company from protecting
> themselves against hijacks. By taking this step, I believe RPKI will
> become viewed by non-technical decision makers as a 'Cloudflare
> initiative' instead of a 'good of the internet' initiative, especially
> by some companies who compete with Cloudflare in the CDN space.
> I believe that will change the calculus and make it a more difficult
> sell for technical people to get resources approved to make it happen.
If i am not wrong, for most routers implementing RPKI means spinning up 
with RPKI cache that need significant tinkering?
I guess it is a blocker for many, unless some "ready made" solutions 
by vendors.
Also, if ISP configure his router and it did crashed because he 
some "no warranty whatsoever" software from cloudflare github, what is 
I guess this might be not welcome in support contracts.

P.S. Sorry for previous post top-posted. Just by mistake hit "Send" 
before i finished it