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"Is BGP safe yet?" test

On 20/Apr/20 19:01, Andrey Kostin wrote:
> Thank you Mark, Tom and Chris for your responses that confirmed my
> "mixed feelings" about this tool.
> As a side note, I mentioned from https://bgp.he.net/AS13335#_prefixes
> that AS13335 advertises a bunch or prefixes without RoA and even one
> invalid prefix, although I don't see it (only invalid one) from other
> sources. So it looks like an attempt to jump ahead and announce
> competitive leadership using marketing rather than technology. So for
> myself with your help I'd qualify it as aggressive push from technical
> PoV and offensive from marketing PoV. The former definitely has some
> positive effect which however could or could not be outweighted by the
> latter.

Just to point out, with such things, it's important to remain objective
and not lump everything into the same basket because as a society,
summary judgements is what we've evolved into since the Internet took
over, i.e., the details are too overbearing to weed through :-).

Rather, I'm sure many of us can easily deduce that any organization has
multiple competing entities within it all striving to do their bit for
the company. I know several folk at Cloudflare that I am almost sure
(even without asking them) are probably not so amused with the marketing
angle of this web site. But, as with the rest of their colleagues, they
are another cog in the wheel, keeping their heads down and minding their

I'm able to separate them and the good work they do to advance the state
of RPKI deployment. In parallel I can also tune out all the fluff that
emerges from the periphery, which is neither here nor there :-).