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"Is BGP safe yet?" test

On 20/Apr/20 18:50, Tom Beecher wrote:

> Work on a technical level, yes. But there are legal concerns in the
> ARIN region with that, some of which are spelled out here, by ACTUAL
> lawyers. 
> https://pc.nanog.org/static/published/meetings/NANOG75/1900/20190219_Yoo_Rpki_Legal_Barriers_v1.pdf ;
> Not going to dive any further into that subject here, wrong forum, but
> it's illustrative of my overall point. Thar Were Dragons still to be
> slayed on this topic already, and I think CF has just made that harder.

I (and Ben, and a few others) are all too familiar with the ARIN madness
around their TAL.

Simple - we just don't accept it, which means our networks will be
unsafe against North American resources. Highly doubtful my organization
is that interested in how the ARIN region may or may not impact our
interest in deploying RPKI on this side of the planet, when the rest of
the world are less mad about it :-).

This policy was broken in 2014. And it's still broken in 2020.

Ah well... we keep moving.