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BIRD / BGP-ORR experiences?

On 15/Apr/20 13:36, Saku Ytti wrote:

> ORR is not an RFC and there are some open questions. What to reflect,
> when next-hop is not in IGP? Do we hope that receiver would recurse to
> the same IGP next-hop? Juniper makes this assumption, which to me is
> decidedly the common case. Cisco makes no assumption and doesn't
> reflect if next-hop is not in IGP, but as I understand they will fix
> to the same assumption as Juniper.

When we wanted this bad, it wasn't ready (2014), so we ended up
deploying an RR in every major PoP, since that wasn't too costly (there
was a time when a network I knew of used a Juniper M120 as an RR).

Nice to hear ORR has come a long way that it's somewhat usable.