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Allstream Contact

Replying on list...as others may be seeing something similar.

We had a problem which started over the weekend involving Allstream.  One
of their customers were announcing our prefixes, resulting in broken

I ended up calling the Zayo NOC, since Allstream seems to be part of zayo.
I also figured their NOC could earn some of the money we're paying them for
transit.  If you're not a zayo customer,  YMMV.

The report we got back was that some customer of Allstream was announcing
our prefixes "illegaly" and filters had been applied.  They also implied a
bit of clue would be dispensed.   Not sure if this is your issue or not.

On Thu, Apr 9, 2020, 12:59 PM David Pieper <david at davidpieper.com> wrote:

> Seeing some strange routing with Allstream and need to get it resolved.
> Please contact off list.
> Thanks,
> AS46276
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