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IS-IS on FRR - Is Anyone Running It?

On 6/Apr/20 11:58, Saku Ytti wrote:

> Why is PDU 9014, if you don't have padding? I wonder what FRR even
> does at >1500B, I don't see '8870' in source code, so I don't think it
> supports the EthernetII hack.

I wondered about that when I saw it, and just assumed that FRR was
account for the 14 bytes Ethernet header.

> I wonder did someone verify the fix, to see what it even does? To me
> it looks like what it'll do, it'll use what ever ethernetII matches
> byte-size of frame, which is decidedly, not correct and would not
> interoperate after 'fix'.

Hard to say. I can only try once it ships.