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Scientists predict more major hurricanes than normal in 2020 season

How is ISPs hurricane response planning going?


Meteorologists are forecasting a significant hurricane and tropical storm 
season for the Atlantic coast in 2020, according to researchers at 
Colorado State University.

According to the early projections, there is a 69 percent chance that at 
least one major hurricane will make landfall along a U.S. coastline in 
2020, compared to a regular average of 52 percent that has been reported 
over the last century.

"Two of the last three years have had major hurricane landfalls in the 
U.S.," Miller said.

He added that before 2017, there was a 12-year drought without a single 
major hurricane landfall in the country, from Hurricane Wilma in 2005 to 
Hurricane Harvey in 2017.