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The Cost of Paid Peering with Chinese ISPs

On Wed, 01 Apr 2020 20:58:17 -0700, Matt Corallo said:
> If your goal is to force companies the world over to host domestically, where
> they follow local licensing regimes (yes, including censorship, as well as data
> access), it���s highly effective.

You missed the point.

There's a distinction between "setting up conducive conditions" and "doing".
Both may be morally problematic, but they're different things.  Consider the US
example of certain US companies who got caught giving the NSA a fiber
connection at certain "interesting" points in the network - the legal exposure
for the companies and for the intelligence agency were totally different.  It's
why our legal system recognizes the difference between committing a felony and
being an accessory to the crime.

We have *enough* trouble with people yelling "Censorship!" when Facebook
or Quora or other social media sites owned by private actors enforce AUPs.
Let's not let the word get further muddied into uselessness like "terrorism"
has been over the last 2 decades.
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