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Cisco Metro Ethernet Switching

You can get ASR920's with only a layer 2 license, or you can opt for the advanced L3 license to BGP\MPLS, this would enable EoMPLS  Tunnels.

The NCS520 is designed only to be a NID, there are a lot of limitations on this device. You need to read the configuration guide to see the limitations.  I have one on my desk.

The NCS540 is the next model up from the ASR920.

I think ASR924 is the way to go.


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Hey there!

I'm currently working on a project which entails refreshing a few EoL switches that sit on a Metro Ethernet fiber ring that we own acting as essentially a PE handoff. It's primarily just a Layer 2 ring with mostly ME3400E switches. We are not in a place to convert the entire ring to our standard Nokia SAR platform, and just wanted to bring all of our sites to standard on the ME3400E platform for consistency (have four switches on the ring that are currently 3560G's and don't support the needed QoS/CoS). As the ME3400E is currently End of Sale, what would you guys recommend as far as a replacement? I am leaning towards the ASR920's (affordable, seems like a solid proven platform, future flexibility), or the NCS 520 (Ciscos recommended replacement), but neither of them seem like appropriate replacements for a simple Layer 2 switching platform with just the need for decent QoS and CoS capabilities. No Layer 3, MPLS, or 10G+ is required. 12 1G SFP ports is about all we need.

Let me know your thoughts -- haven't payed much attention to the Cisco service provider space as of late.

Thank you!

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