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Barely operational .. hoping to find myspace help

In a side volunteer "job", I work with men released from prison, often with
sexual offense histories. Generally they are still on parole / supervision.

Currently I have one "client" who is barely literate technically but who
had a myspace account before he went to prison about 6 years ago.

He's been told by state police here in PA that he must delete his old
myspace account or risk re-incarceration, whether or not he has used the
account. But he's also prohibited from using any social media accounts in
any manner whatsoever - and has no idea what his old email was when he set
this account up as a teenager. So he has asked for my help in shutting down
his old unused profile.

The myspace website is rather unhelpful in trying to find a way to do this
without having him log in - which is both practically impossible and
legally prohibited.

Any myspace ops folks on the list? Please contact me off-list.

All others - I truly apologize for the barely-operational content, but
other avenues have been brick walls.

allenmckinleykitchen at gmail.com
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