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Colombia Network Operators Group

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>--- mehmet at akcin.net wrote:
>From: Mehmet Akcin <mehmet at akcin.net>
>Few people who is doing a lot of work in Colombia, we decided to start
>Colombia network operators group and arrange local meetups, provide
>support who want to have infrastructure here.
>Feel free to join www.nog.com.co and our first face to face meeting will
>in december, date to be announced soon!

>For whatever reason, cisco is not happy with the site:
>"This site is blocked due to a security threat that was discovered by
>the Cisco Umbrella security researchers."

--- kmedcalf at dessus.com wrote:
From: "Keith Medcalf" <kmedcalf at dessus.com>

Fascinating.  What is the security threat I wonder, that there is no 

I don't know.  New job with new security stuff (that I don't have 
anything to do with) and I am sure I'm not the one, so I thought 
I'd let folks know.