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Elad Cohen

Mr. Ronald Guilmette

The way you called us in this forum incessantly, thieves and crooks, is not the right way, this is libel for all intents and purposes, we will not wrangle with you in this forum as this subject was transferred our lawyers.

We are sure that in one year, you will not be such a "hero" and a "savior" as you represent yourself today.
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>... this is certainly not a place where you can
>slander his name or anyone associated with him in any manner for the
>entertainment of everyone...

If I have slandered anyone, then I shall bear the price for that, in
accordance with law.  I have accepted that risk, in order to say what
I have said, and I have done so from within the most litigious nation
on earth.

Meanwhile, if I am right and if Mr. Cohen is wrong, then what price will he
pay for his misdeeds, and who will see to it that he receives the justice
due him?

Mr. Cohen sits with impunity in Israel, and by remote control appears to
request his California lawyer, the colorful and storied Mr. Bennett Kelley,
to file suit against me, even as Mr. Cohen takes IPv4 space away from
legitimate businesses and governmental entities in South Africa, Australia,
and Japan, also by remote control, and also with the relative impunity
afforded him by his sheer distance from these places.  I have risked
my neck, my reputation, and my entire bank account in order to call him
out, and if you think that I have done so lightly or without evidence you
are wrong.  Meanwhile, what has Mr. Cohen risked?  And who will see to it
that he pays an appropriate price, in Israel, if I am right and he is wrong?

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