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Elad Cohen

In message <15744848-5638-ad01-2c9c-a89825f9d1b0 at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp>,
Masataka Ohta <mohta at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp> wrote:

>Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
>> Come now Mr. Cohen, please do tell us who you paid for rights to the
>> block, which belongs to the Australian government,
>If you think the Australian government haven't transfer its IP address
>to Mr. Cohen, all you should do is let the Australian government
>accuse Mr. Cohen.

It is a well known fundamental tenet of logical reasoning and argument
that it is not possible for -anyone- to prove a negative, which is what
you've just asked me to do.

I certainly cannot prove, to any degree of certainty, that the Australian
national government, in its infinite wisdom, didn't send one of its stealthy
representatives to meet Mr. Cohen in some dark back allley, on some dark
night, somewhere in Canberra, and that this mysterious representaive did
not meet Mr. Cohen and then sell him the government's rights in, and titles
to the block.  If that had happened, then I wouldn't know
about it.  None of us would.  (And stranger things quite certainly -have-
happened when it comes to government corruption.) All I can do is make it
quite plain that I believe that this theory of events is somewhere beyond

In any event, it is not for me to prove the negative in this case.  Rather,
it is incumbant upon Mr. Cohen to prove his implicit -and- explicit
affirmative assertion that he has or had some rights (i.e. -any- rights)
to the block or to any of the numerous other nice juicy and
valuable IPv4 blocks, all of size /16 or greater, that he, with the help
of his friends, appears to have been using of late.

With regards to any of these numerous valuable IPv4 blocks, both legacy
and otherwise, Mr. Cohen offers us not a single shread of proof that he
has now, or ever had, any rights at all to any of these blocks whatsoever,
insisting instead that we all just take his word on faith.

Is this the behaviour of an honest man, attempting, reasonably, to defend
his reputation and his good name?  I think not.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Mr. Cohen is clearly hiding something.
And not just one thing, but many things.

With respect to the Australian government, none of us needs to wait for it
to wake from its slumber in order to know precisely what happened here.

If I am on the street, near a school or a University, and if I see a man
back a large truck up to a bicycle rack and then see the man get out and
use a large set of bolt cutters to cut the locks on bicycle after bicycle,
loading them one by one into the truck, then I, for one, do not need to
await the arrival of the true owners of said bicycles in order to know
that something is seriously amiss -or- to take action to stop what is going
on.  That may be your approach to such situations, but it is not mine.

The difference is what some people might call "civilization" and without
it we are all doomed.


P.S.  For those who may still harbor any doubts about Mr. Cohen's claims,
I encourage you all to speak with a certain Mr. Alister van Tonder,
(Alister.vanTonder (at) capetown.gov.za - phone: +27-21-400-9080), a
network engineer employed by the City of Cape Town, who I'm sure will
be only to happy to describe to you, as he did to me, the efforts that
he and his collegues were forced to expend in order to just simply take
back the City's rightful property, the block, from the
clutches of Mr. Cohen and his allies at FDCServers and Cogent.