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Cogent sales reps who actually respond

In message <VI1PR1001MB12944B486F7C414220896435D68F0 at VI1PR1001MB1294.EURPRD10.P
ROD.OUTLOOK.COM>, Elad Cohen <elad at netstyle.io> wrote:

>The defamatory and invective words, the mudslinging and slander of my name,
> by Ronald Guilmette, are not true at all and they are completely false, in
> my hand there are all the purchases approval for purchasing ipv4 and that
>were paid completely by me.
>Anyone who wants confirmation the ips belong to us can sent me a direct
>e-mail and i would be happy to explain and provide evidence. thank you.

You can stop dancing around the issue Mr. Cohen, and come clean, any time
you want.  Like for example right here and right now.  Stop prevaricating.
Put up or shut up.  Either that or have the decency to admit that you are
dyed-in-the-wool con man and fraud, as your onetime pals at Cogent and
FDCServers have apparently finally figured out.

By all means, show us all of these allged "purchase approvals" you have
for the following blocks which you managed... temporarily at least... to
get your compliant pals at Cogent and FDCSewers to route for you:

APNIC region: -- Department of Finance and Deregulation (AU)  -- Port of Melbourne Authority (AU)

AFRINIC region: -- City of Cape Town -- The Atomic Energy Board (South Africa)  -- Cape of Good Hope Bank (South Africa)

For one little guy, you sure managed to accumulate one hell of huge
stash of IPv4 addresses!  Well over $30 million dollars worth, in fact.

So please Mr. Cohen, by all means, please do tell us what all of these
mountains of IPv4 addresses cost you, who you paid for them, and what
exactly you planned to do with them, and with whom.  Please do show us
any and all documentation you have of your alleged "purchases".  I'm sure
that we are all keen to see how you cleverly outwitted all other bidders
to come out on top in the bidding war for the City of Cape Town's block
or for the one you apparently lifted from the Australian Department of
Finance and Deregulation.

But please, don't insult our intelligence by showing us more of those
blatantly fradulent "LOAs" that were presented in the MyBroadband.co.za
report.  As I've already pointed out here, no self respecting forger
would even have tried to pass those.  The perfectly identical signatures
and vaguely official-looking stamps on all of them render them not even
third-rate forgeries.

Oh!  And by the way Mr. Cohen, as it happens I myself am the proud owner
of a perfectly valid "purchase approval" for the Brooklyn Bridge.  So you
see, we have something in common!

Looking forward to you next missive.

Love and kisses,