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Cogent sales reps who actually respond

Probably going to shoot myself in the foot but we have been with Cogent 
for 14 years and I have nothing but praise for their Service,  NOC and 
my Sales Rep who is top notch.

As usual, everyone's mileage will vary but it seems I am on the luckier 
side in having this good experience with Cogent as opposed to others on 
this list.


On 9/16/2019 12:19 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Given their practice of harvesting whois updates in order to spam 
> newly acquired AS contacts, any time it is my decision, Cogent is 
> ineligible as a vendor.
> Iâ??ve had no trouble getting their reps to respond when the decision 
> has come from above, but I prefer to avoid doing business with them.
> Owen
>> On Sep 15, 2019, at 13:13 , noc at as37662.com <mailto:noc at as37662.com> 
>> noc at as37662.com <mailto:noc at as37662.com> <noc at as37662.com 
>> <mailto:noc at as37662.com>> wrote:
>> Hi fellow network operators,
>> Do any orgs here have experience with a good Cogent rep? The rep we 
>> got via Cogent's website is unresponsive to even basic questions. It 
>> feels like we are dealing with a bot and copy-pasted replies.
>> Thanks
>> Ruldu

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