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Cogent sales reps who actually respond

The last time I dealt with them, it took a little over 3 months to get 
them to turn up basic BGP service. To top it off the sales rep was fired 
in the middle of our deployment. Cogent seems to have higher rep 
turnover than anything else I've dealt with. Buckle up and have fun!

On 9/15/2019 4:13 PM, noc at as37662.com noc at as37662.com wrote:
> Hi fellow network operators,
> Do any orgs here have experience with a good Cogent rep? The rep we 
> got via Cogent's website is unresponsive to even basic questions. It 
> feels like we are dealing with a bot and copy-pasted replies.
> Thanks
> Ruldu

Jon Sands
MFI Labs