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rr.level3.net on autopilot?

On Thu, 5 Sep 2019, Jon Lewis wrote:

> I was doing some IRR clean-up and after a few successful updates, I'm no 
> longer able to alter or delete our objects in rr.level3.com.
> Emails to rpsl at level3.com result in no action and no response.  I've tried 
> reaching out to the Level3 (Centurylink) NOC via email and phone, and can't 
> seem to find anyone who knows what rr.level3.com is, much less knows who to 
> talk to about troubleshooting.  Anyone know who (if anyone) keeps the wheels 
> spinning on the Level3 IRR?

I was going to post this morning that things are all sorted out. 
Centurylink's IP Admin reached out and worked with me to figure out the 
issue, which appears to have been that someone a few layers up from 
rpsl at level3.com cranked their spam filtering up to 11, resulting in all 
externally originated email getting eaten somewhere in their systems.

Before posting, I ran one more test, and found that there's still 
something not quite right.  We worked together again today, trying to 
figure it out, but ended up giving up for now.

Mail from my personal system and from a Linux server at work both get 
delivered and processed properly.  Mail from my work email 
Outlook/Microsoft/Mimecast gets delivered to Level3.com, but the IRRD 
system fails to find any objects in the body and responds that no object 
was found.  Yes, it's being sent as plain text (Content-Type: text/plain; 
charset=UTF-8).  Sending the same message from work to my personal 
address, then taking that, changing To: and playing the entire thing (all 
the headers + body) through sendmail -oi -t on a Linux server at work, it 
gets delivered and properly processed.

So, anyone else who's had trouble the past 2 weeks getting anything 
processed by rpsl at level3.com, you should be able to at least get your 
messages delivered now.  I'm curious if any other Office365/Outlook.com 
users have issues with rpsl at level3.com not finding any objects in your 
updates.  If you're having that problem, resend your message via another 
mail system and see if that works for you too.

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