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5G roadblock: labor

On 30/Dec/19 00:49, Michael Thomas wrote:
> https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/29/big-barrier-trump-5g-america-089883
> An interesting article on the road to 5G that they need to about
> double the size of the workforce to roll it out. I expect that this
> affects some of you directly.
> But one of its premises seems a little shaky to me: has the US ever
> led the pack rolling out new network technology? I always thought it
> was Japan and South Korea that were years ahead of us. In silicon
> valley and SF it's still very rare to see FTTH. I'm not sure why we
> would expect to get to 5G any faster than we normally do.

Personally, I'm skeptical about major 5G investment at scale.

This is one of those "time will tell" situations.

I mean, we aren't struggling for 4G/LTE performance, and in my mind, 5G
was developed when fibre was probably less perverse, from a global
standpoint. Times have changed a tad since then.