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FCC proposes $10 Million fine for spoofed robocalls

Would be nice to have these stopped.  I received 10 of them yesterday, pretending to be apple icloud support

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It is so bad that I am not above us bribing politicians in foreign countries to crack down on this.

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On Monday, U.S. FCC Chairman Pai and Canadian CRTC Chairperson Scott made
the first official cross-border SHAKEN/STIR call.

Today, the U.S. FCC announced a proposed nearly $10 million fine for
spoofed robocalls.

A U.S. telemarketing firm spoofed the caller-id of a competitor to make
approximately 47,610 political robocalls shortly before a California State
Assembly primary election.

I think this case is somewhat unusual for robocall spoofing, because the
alleged perpetrator, victims, and 'crime scene' occured within the same

While the FCC likes to announce large enforcement actions in splashy
press releases, its actually bad about collecting fines. The FCC must
rely on the Justice Department to initiate separate prosecution to
enforce payment from non-license holders because the FCC can't do that
itself.  So don't expect anyone to actually pay soon (or ever).
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